District News & Announcements

Special Statement on the State School Funding Crisis:

Norwood Schools will open on time and plan to remain open for the entire school year. Although the school funding situation has the potential to devastate district reserves, the Board has exercised prudent financial management which we feel will allow us to stay open the entire school year. It is our hope that everyone involved works together to solve this situation as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Superintendent Black at dblack@norwood63.org. 


Highly Qualified Teachers:  With NCLB/ESSA, schools are required to know if a teacher is highly qualified.  This means a teacher is teaching in the area for which she/he is certified.  Not only are all of our teachers highly qualified at Norwood School District #63, all of our teacher assistants are highly qualified also.  Norwood District #63 takes pride in recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers and teacher assistants.