Date: 12/14/2022

 Dear Norwood School Community,

It is that time of year again! As we rapidly approach winter break and the outlook of winter weather increases as we move into January and February, I wanted to share some important information regarding inclement weather.

This year, we have two options for weather cancellations: 1. A Traditional Snow Day & 2. An E-learning Day. This August, the School District adopted an e-learning plan approved by the Board of Education. This means that we have the ability to provide virtual education on days where school is cancelled. This does not mean that every cancellation will be an immediate e-learning day. What it means is we have the option to elect an e-learning day. There may be occasions where children are sent home with electronic devices or extended learning packets in anticipation of winter weather cancelling school. When these items are sent home with your child this does not guarantee we have no school the following day as we may not get the planned weather.

If a decision is made to cancel in-person attendance, a notification will be communicated to families as soon as possible. In this notification, it will state whether it is a traditional snow day or an e-learning day. The follow forms of communication will occur as soon as possible:

  • A district-wide phone call, text message, and email through our communication platform.
  • A message will be posted to our Facebook pages
  • Local media outlets will be contacted.

Knowing that families may need to arrange for childcare or make adjustments to your schedule, our goal, if the district will be closed, a determination and notification will be decided by 6:00 a.m. on the day of the closing. If we are able to make the determination of school closure the night before - meaning the forecast undoubtedly warrants closure - we will attempt to notify families by 9:00 p.m.

These are guidelines that we plan on using, and as you all know, weather is unpredictable and it can be challenging to make these decisions. Regardless of whether school is in session, parents do have the option to keep their child home for an excused absence if they feel the weather conditions warrant. As always, in making determinations we will always keep in mind the safety and well-being of our families and staff.